Our effort towards responsible tourism

Our mission statement:

"To inform, inspire, and entertain travelers on the pillars of experiential regenerative tourism"

Sustainable travel means exploring the destination by minimizing the negative impact associated with social, economic and environmental conditions to meet the expectation or experience the product. Many players are involved in tourism, both “big” and “small”, each having their role and share of responsibility for sound tourism development. Aarya village carries sustainability as a core value of our organization.

Awarded "The Local Hero Award" by Evaneos!

Sustainable tourism development has always been a core foundation of our business principle. Within this framework, we strive on crafting memorable tours of Nepal along with leaving a positive impact on the natural environment, local cultures, and livelihood of host communities. This win-win business practice of ours for both people and the planet is been recognized as the "Local Hero" by Evaneos till December 2023.

In addition to our commitment with Travelife, together with Evaneos, we are continuing our quest to use our business practices as a force for the good!

Evaneos local hero award

Building Local community: Every year we select one village in our yearly retreat event for days where we engage ourselves with local people on waste management, awareness program on culture and environment, training & workshop on sustainable tourism is one of the steps towards sustainability.  We have adapted the sustainability inside our organization also.

Technology adaptation: We have shifted the operations of our organization into technology by adapting CRM to reduce paper waste. It has reduced the 80% of paper waste in our office. Reducing the usage of paper by printing on both sides of the paper is mandatory in our organization.

Environmental: As studies showed that one guest drinks 17 bottles of water in 10 days. We provide a reusable water bottle to our guests on arrival. It plays a significant role in reducing the use of plastic water bottles.  We apply, reduce, reuse and recycle policies inside the office. Aarya Village has tied up with a waste management company to recycle newspapers, bottles, batteries, and other waste from our organization. For the details please go through this page Sustainable approach 


Energy: We have been operating a ‘switch off’ policy for office staff to turn off computer equipment and printers when not in use. We are in the process of building a garden terrace where every staff member contributes at least 1 plant. We have started to conduct training for our guides and drivers to make them aware about energy-efficient driving practices and traffic rules.

Encouragement & Motivation: We conduct training on sustainability every month to encourage our employees about their social responsibility towards society and the environment. We encourage our guests to explore local products. It gives a basic sort of understanding of the local community, lifestyle and ensures a positive impact on the economy.

Partners: We give high priority to our suppliers who practice sustainability policies. We share our goals and plans regarding sustainability with our associate's partners as well..

Guides: Our guides strictly follow the “leave no trace” principle while operating trekking and tours. Our guide provides clear information to our guests on how to respect local culture and the environment.

Transportation: Older vehicles pollute more than newer vehicles. To avoid this pollution, we are only using vehicles model starting from the year 2012. On the other hand, more people in a car lower the emission per person. Thus, we have been practicing of joining smaller groups into one bigger group that’s substitute many small cars into one big car or bus.

Accommodation: We are a bit choosy about the accommodations we offer to our guests. Most of the accommodation we use for our guest help to protect the habitats of local fauna and flora, provide a new function to historic buildings and thus save them from destruction. Hotels built with local materials and according to traditional designs will fit better in the local environment than most standard constructions do. Local people will take pride in this and tourists will enjoy a more cultural experience. The best example of this type of hotels we are using is Tiger Tops, Dwarika’s Hotels, Gorkha Gaun Resort, The pavilion Himalayas, Nuwakot Farm House etc.

 Respect: We give utmost priority to “Respect” in our organization. No matter what position they held either Manager, Executives Or Guides,  Drivers, Clerks, Kitchen Staffs we give equal respect to all of them.   

Against Mass Tourism: We all have witnessed the harmful effects of mass tourism,  Thus Aarya Village Travel is committed to providing bespoke, authentic tours and trekking programs with a unique experience.