Reusable Water Bottles Initiative

Tourism is a double edge sword. It has both positive and negative impacts on the environment. In south Asia, tourism industry has a massive impact on the proliferation of plastic waste due to inability of local infrastructures and recycle facilities. In return we have to face environmental challenges. Being a tour company it’s our responsibility to minimize the adverse impact on the environment.  Aarya village took small steps towards sustainability by providing reusable water bottles to our guests on arrival.


 “If you want to change something, first changes yourself “


At the end of 2019 we have conduct the survey of our itinerary and found 1 guest spend 7 days on an average in Nepal and drink 12-liter water in trip.  In season, we have around 100 arrivals in a month so we are generating over 1000 water bottles. To cope with the issues our team came up with the initiative of reusable water bottle to minimized the negative impact in environment.

It is not just a water bottle it will reflect values of organization “

  • It demonstrates our organization vision towards the sustainability. 
  • We have forecasted over 5000 disposable water bottles can be eliminate solely by our organization.
  • It will educate traveler about environmental challenge caused by plastic waste.
  • It has demonstrated leadership and commitment of Aarya travel on reducing the plastic waste to wider community of tourism industries.

We encourage our guest to refill the water since lot of lodge sales the boiled water. The money will directly go to local people rather than mineral water company.  We provide free water purification table on trek which can be used for 25 liters.

Our all the employee, guides, drivers are committed to used the Reusable water bottle. We have tie up with the waste management company to recycle the waste generated by our organization.

It will be a souvenir to our guests from our side.

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