AVT -Travel Shield

With the decline in the 2nd Covid wave and  resumption of services and airlines, Aarya village travel has adapted AVT -Travel shield to provide confidence in traveler to travel again.  This shield has been design to safeguard the traveler by providing quality services with safety during the trips in nepal.  AVT shield encompasses the International safety and hygiene standard with government protocol and guidelines.  

                  AVT Travel Shield


Vaccinated Travel Consultant
Our travel consultant and staffs are Covid vaccinated and regularly update with the current situation. Our agent are full aware and committed to convey the protocol and guidelines of country.  

CRM Software 
Our CRM software comprises all the information that  require during trips like Itinerary, Hotels, Transport, Guide, Cost & Invoice and related information. Our CRM software are fully updated with new travel protocol and guidelines, Covid factsheet, emergency contact number, government approved hotel.

Contactless Payment
As a safety measure we have adapted the contactless payment system. Our guest can pay us on through online or wire transfer. We accept credit card Visa, Master, American Express and others.

Flexible Policy: Free Rescheduling, Cancelation & Full Refund Policy
Under the current uncertainty circumstance, we are flexible with our policy for free rescheduling, cancelation & Full refund without any obligation.  If client want to changes the dates or cancel the trip no additional fee are applicable.

Vaccinated Hoteliers
During this uncertainty we offer only vaccinated hotelier’s who have adapted standard hygine and safety guidelines.  Our Hotelier committed to provide sanitize and safe room with vaccinated or PCR –ve staff employee. 

Vaccinated Guides
All our guides are vaccinated with both dozes and First Aid certified. During the tour / trek our guide will carry Corona Kit along with First Aid kits. Our guides actively participate in training program to deliver the secure trips. 

Vehicle & Drivers
All our driver are fully vaccinated and sanitize the vehicles accordingly to World health organization and World travel origination guidelines. All our drive are well trained and abide to follow protocol and guidelines.

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