Workshop & Training to drivers by Aarya Village Travel

On February 20, 2020 Aarya Village Travel organized a training and workshop program to enhance our transportation services to meet the expectations of guests.  In collaboration with our transport partner Lord Buddha Transport Co. the training was conducted at Gokharna House at Thamel. This training program was organized upon the request of Lord Buddha Transport for their Drivers.

The objective of the program was to train and provide our drivers with the tools they require whilst on duty on how better they can provide our clients with the best care and comfort on their travels here in Nepal



The participants at the  workshop were the drivers from Lord Buddha Transport Company and Aarya village travel. There were a total 27 participants.

20 participants at training were drivers (18 from Lord Buddha and 2 from Aarya village travel). 

2 representative from Lord Buddha

5 Representatives from Aarya village travel (owner, Operation manager, Operation executive and Guide).

4. Workshop session.
The Workshop session was facilitated by Aarya village and Lord Buddha Transport Company.  The workshop was conducted with a group discussion, presentation session.  Emphasis was given on how to maximize output of the services by taking care of small and simple things as a driver.  The team was divided into 4 groups for the group discussion.

5. Training procedure
The training session started with the Introduction of the speaker with the participant. Participants have to use their colleague name, age and other relevant information to introduce themselves. This was done to make participants more familiar with their colleagues.

The participants were divided into 4 different groups. Group discussion was conducted by Binod with three different questions.
1. What are services?
2.  What are the questions often asked by guests?
3.  What are the issues and obligations of guides?

It was aimed at analyzing the participants' existing knowledge of the subject matter and how much they already know about some of the topics which are to be discussed in the training workshop.  Later Guide and operation manager added their perspective on how to improvised the services


It was a very informative workshop. Drivers share their experience and issues without any obligation.  This workshop provides in- depth information to driver’s about how to provide professional services to guests. Same time it also helps the organization understand driver mentality.  Aarya village should organize workshops with the other stakeholders to provide effective services.


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