Guiding experience with Aarya

My name is Avash Shrestha. I have been working as a freelance tourist guide in Nepal since 2011 and a year after that I started working for Aarya Village Travel as well. Back then a company run by 2 people ( owners of the company ) with a vision, hard work, and dedication, now there are more than 30 people working as in-house staff and more than a hundred as a freelance. Everyone working feels the company is their own baby and the feeling has got much stronger only. I am very proud to have seen Aarya family growing this big and have so many moments/experiences to cherish in these years.  

Aarya have been very organized with the travel arrangements for their guests and staff on the road like me. In case of any special requirement or if problem arise, the office has been prompt to respond. Never experience compromise on service and quality for the financial benefit so far. Have always upgraded the quality and services through the years. During many retreat programs, I have learned different qualities to be a better tourist guide and have been able to share my best practice.  

Aarya Village Travel has become Aarya family to me and I wish this family stays happy, healthy and prosperous for many many years ahead

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