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Tips is quite common in service industry. It is extra expenses from your pocket. You would like to give to the service provider when you are happy/satisfy with their services. Like other country; in Nepal also tips are taken as a token of love and as a gesture of satisfaction from the guests. Nepali people are quite friendly by nature. Most of the clients return with satisfaction and promise to come back again. Because of the friendly nature of guides, local people and hotel crews, your travel become quite enjoyable. Due to all these factors the service providers get good tips from the clients.

However, tips are not the mandatory and nobody can force you to give tips. The service providers never ask for the tips because it is the only clients who decide whether to give or not to give tips to them. But in most instances the service providers expect tips from the clients though they do not ask verbally from the client.

Usually tips are given to those persons who are directly involved in your service. To name; guide, hotel staff, driver and other trekking attendants who assist you carrying your luggage are supposed to get tips.  

How much shall I give for a tips?
Though there is no specification of the amount, tipping small amount of money would harass the receiver rather than appreciation. Therefore, it is recommended that to give at least Rupees 500 which is around USD 5 for the driver who receive or drop you at airport. The amount of tips may differ from nature of services. Some guests do give tips more than 10% of their total travel package.  

For an example, if you go for 10 days tour then we recommend you to give at least USD 15 per day which equals to USD 150 to the guide. However, it is your intuition to give or not to give the tip.