The Journey of Aarya Village Travel

Two very energetic young people who always shared a passion for travelling, meeting new people, educating themselves and starting something on their own, met at an event in Kathmandu, back in 2008. They were none other than Mr. Binod Adhikari and Mrs. Sarala Sapkota - founders of Aarya Village Travel Pvt. Ltd.  They weren’t just university friends or work colleagues, but two very different people sharing the same vision. At that time, Binod was completing an internship in Tourism, whilst Sarala was working for another travel company. Binod had just graduated in Management and Sarala had already completed her Masters in Social Science. From the day they met, they began talking about future business and the fact that neither of them was entirely happy with the job they currently held. As time went on, they began to meet most days, spending 2-3 hours in restaurants and talking about their business ideas.This became their favorite part of the day.Slowly they formed a relationship whilst travelling to many places across Nepal. A year after their first meeting they formed the company now known as Aarya Village Travel Pvt. Ltd.They had no furniture and just one, old, hand-me-down PC from home. In those early days, they just had enthusiasm and the burning desire to form a company of their own.What brought them together was a desire to stop working for others and do their own thing!


The journey of AVT began from scratch, with less than a few hundred dollars earned from previous ad hoc businesses.Initially they worked in the domestic market, organizing rafting, pilgrimage tours and day tour activities for locals.They faced a difficult time initially, with minimal funds in the company bank account. They couldn’t give up now, as they needed to prove their entrepreneurial skills and show their family, friends and society that “Business is not just about Capital, but ideas, dedication and persistence”.A year later, they began to promote their Company, and Nepal, by exhibiting at travel shows in Dubai. This was the gateway to their success. To participate in the Dubai exhibition, they took out loans from friends and relatives.A month after they came back from Dubai, tourists started to book trips to Nepal. From then on, there was no turning back. Henceforth, they would attend travel shows across the world, continuing to the present day. They have now proved that they can achieve their goals through clear vision, positive attitude, dedication, commitment and persistence.


From the year 2014, things took a change of direction.Binod & Sarala graduated from being simply Business Partners, to entering a life-long commitment to each other.Partners, not just at work, but together in life itself.


Now, not only are they trying to raise a family, but also to run a company where all team members are treated equally and with respect as members of the Aarya Village Travel team.Despite still being a small tour company, AVT has separate departments for Sales & Marketing, Operations and Admin & Finance, headed by dedicated individual managers.  All staff began their career as raw interns, although already well-equipped with good university degrees.  All the people who work in Sales and Marketing are graduates in Tourism Studies and are managed by a very capable mentor who herself started as an intern some years previously.  All the Operational Staff began their career in Guiding before becoming full time employees.They hold university degrees, partake in regular management training sessions and are familiar with almost all regions of Nepal. We take great pride in the competence of all our staff and their breadth of knowledge.


The founders of Aarya believe in growing the company together, respecting all individual team members, and everyone working towards a common vision. As a travel management company they believe, that, “To understand customers is the best way to offer excellent service” and via their people, wish to convey this message to the world. The AVT family understand that every single penny clients spend with them is hard-earned, so they try their very best to ensure that these guests’ travels in Nepal become life long memories.


Travelling with AVT in Nepal extends beyond the Heritage sites, the views of Everest and visiting Buddha’s birthplace - they will take you to meet some of the most hospitable people on earth! By travelling with AVT visitors will gain a deep understanding of the people and culture of Nepal. 


In fact, when reviewing client feedback, 90% of guests have said, “the best part of Nepal is its people”.  After their trip, they don’t remember what type of accommodation they stayed in or the names of all the mountains they saw, but they do remember the people they met.    


The brand doesn’t make the people who they are. It is the people that make the brand what it is. Aarya Village Travel always focuses on people rather than the creation of the brand.



AVT is Travelife certified, having met their sustainability criteria, which ensures that they promote sustainable and responsible tourism.


AVT have also been audited and coached by the CBI export coaching program, from 2014 to 2018. This is a scheme associated with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote trade between Europe and entrepreneurs in developing countries, which has enabled them to enhance the efficiency, professionalism and services offered to their valuable clients.

Sarala Sapkota  

“We strive to create a happy life for our Team and a happy journey for our Guests” 

March 2021