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Volunteer Travel in Nepal

Doing volunteer in new place, new environment and with the new people helps you to collect noble experience in life. When you volunteer you are not just helping out the people but at the same time you will be learning from them too. From our own volunteer experience in more than 8 years we can say that doing volunteer the thinking pattern will change. In broader term it will broaden the thoughts which will help you to understand the society and different perspectives of life.

We believe that every single person can make difference in his/her life as well as to the life of many people. So your small contribution may bring changes in the society as well as in your life too. 

We organize your volunteer trip to Nepal no matter whichever be the field that interests you. The followings are the popular fields for volunteer:
1. Orphanage
2. Schools
3. Community services
4. Health Post/Clinic
5. NGO/Youth Organization
6. Social Awareness Campaign 
7. Skill Transfer through Trainings/Mentoring etc.
8. Old Age Home
9. Volunteer in the project
10. Financing the project

How we help you to do volunteer in Nepal?
Step 1: You contact us with your requirements
Step 2: We recommend you the place and program
Step 3: You select and approve
Step 4: You Book the program with all payment as mention in our terms and conditions
Step 5: We confirm your booking 
Step 6: You arrive and we give orientation about your job
Step 7: Your departure to the field with our crew/representative
Step 8: Your job starts
Step 9: You may like to travel some good place or may like to go for the trekking or participate in adventure activities like rafting, canyoning, bungy etc. You may participate in our various program.