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Nepali Food - Gastronomy

The food of Nepal is as diverse as the people of the country. The Nepalese cuisine  are very simple and easy to cook. However, Nepalese food are made by extensive use of spices like ginger,  garlic, coriander, peeper, chilies, cumin, mustard oil, ghee etc  but full of nutrition. Nepalese cuisine are very delicious with its various kinds.

Main food: Daal Bhat (pulses and rice), tarkari (vegetable) and aachar, (pickles) are eaten in  many parts of the country twice a day.

Famous Nepali cuisine
1. Gundruk and Dhindo- A type of wheat or corn flour served with vegetable and meat. It is sugar free cuisne with full of nutrition. Most of the foreigner also prefer this food. 

2. Samay Baji Set- This is a typical Newari food with the combination of Chiura (beaten rice), Alu sandheko (potato curry), Choela ( spicy chicken or buff), egg, Bhatmas (soybean) sandheko  with curry. Ginger and garlic are used excessively so it has no harm to our body. 

3. Alu Tama – This is a Potato bamboo Shoots, a kind of vegetable with its spicy flavor.

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