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Home Stay in Nepal

The concept of home stay in Nepali tourism industry has been gaining popularity day by day. Many foreigners who visit Nepal for longer period want to take home stay package rather than staying in the hotel. The reasons could be the followings:

1. It is cheaper than staying in hotel for long stay
2. One has opportunity to learn, enjoy and work closely with local people and culture
3. Opportunity to establish relationship with local people in various ways
4. Ample chances to taste local food

There are 3 options for home stay.

Home Stay in City
It is the stay in completely city area where all modern facilities are available. You have various choices to spend your day to day life with food, entertainment, and activities. It is good for those people who come for some work purposes rather than just for travel. City area is quite crowd and busy too; that is why you may not get the peaceful environment as in rural areas.

Home Stay in Semi-Urban side
Semi-urban places ar e just situated at the middle of town and village. It is quite peaceful and friendly than urban area. You will have basic infrastructures like transport, communication and good environment for work. If you want to do volunteer in hospital, school, community or any other project than this is the better place. It is also suitable place for spending good time with local people.

Home Stay in Village
Village means a little far away from the crowd with limited modern facilities. Almost all villages do have communication facilities but road facilities are yet to be installed in few villages. However, whatever be the infrastructures, the environment to live and work is considered the best because of its pure nature and natural beauty. Whether you want o spend some good time with local people, or some peace full mind without any distraction, village is the best option. But if your demand is quite sophisticated/techno savvy then village is not recommended to live.

After reading this you must have got clear idea that what you want. Write us or send us your requirement, we will reply you with detail information of your any enquiry.